Every organisation and project are unique.

As such, we provide comprehensive consultancy services individually tailored to resolve all your health and safety needs.

Because we foster partnerships built on trust, we operate much like an extension of your own team, so you can enjoy ultra-efficient work flow with absolute confidence in the quality and dependability of our work.

Detail Oriented?

You’re one of our own. Below are details of some of the specific services we offer…


Event Safety

  • Events

    Specialists in the Events sector, we have been privileged to work with some of the world’s best event agencies and brands, helping them to produce spectacular events and activations both in the UK and internationally. We help you anticipate, understand and manage all of your responsibilities under UK & European safety law and regulations.

    • We provide:
    • · Pre-production advice & planning
    • · Event safety plans
    • · Risk assessments
    • · Fire risk assessments
    • · Emergency Planning
    • · Crisis Management Planning
    • · Supplier documentation vetting & reporting
    • · Capacity calculations
    • · Emergency planning
    • · Structural design review and planning
    • · Crowd safety management planning
    • · On-site management
    • · On-site inspections & sign off
    • · CDM 2015 compliance and creation of CPP and H&S Files

  • Venue

    • We provide:

    • · Safety management of hirers
    • · Design of in-house safety systems
    • · Supplier documentation vetting & reporting
    • · Fire risk assessments & fire exit plans
    • · Calculation of maximum safe operating capacity
    • · Venue design consultancy
    • · Emergency fittings, fire detection & alarm systems
  • In House

    We provide:

      · Regular in-house consulting· Venue & client annual accreditation & tender documents
    • · Accident prevention & investigation
    • · Health & safety policy provision
    • · Fire risk assessments
    • · Company risk assessment
    • · Provision of supplier competence assessment program
    • · Attainment of quality management standards
    • · Noise at work risk assessments


Crowd Management

  • Management

    You and your team involved in crowd management must think about what may cause harm to event staff, suppliers and guests through crowd movement, dynamics and behaviour as people arrive, enter, move around an event, exit and disperse.

    As an early priority, organisers should establish that they can manage a crowd safely for the type of event and at the venue chosen. We can help you plan and understand how this will affect the event and then apply management techniques in the lead up to and throughout the live event period.

  • Planning

    Within our team we have several members affiliated to Manchester Metropolitan University where Professor Keith Still teaches the Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis APEL and MSc which we are enrolled on.
    We provide:

      · RAMP (Route, Area, Movmement, Profile) Analysis
    • · DIM-ICE Modeling
    • · Decision support analysis
    • · On site live crowd safety mangement with event teams
    • · Internal and external communications for attendees
    • · Entire and phased evacuation plans
    • · Stewarding plan assessment and recommendationss
    • · Protective measures


Fire Safety In Events

  • Fire Safety

    Fire safety provisions for venues and events are an extremely important consideration – not only for the wellbeing of attendees but also in avoiding the severe legal penalties for having inadequate provisions in place. As members of the internationally recognised Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE), you can trust that the fire safety advice and management services HornerSalus provide are always of the highest quality.

    • We provide:
    • · Fire risk assessments
    • · Fire safety policy
    • · Emergency Planning
    • · Crisis Management Planning
    • · Capacity Studies & Reviews
    • · Calculation of maximum safe operating capacity
    • · Emergency planning & reviews of existing systems
    • · New venue system designs for emergency fittings, fire detection & alarm systems
    • · Temporary fire alarm system design and installation

  • Case Studies

    We have embarked on a variety of different fire safety projects for clients over the years, spanning our range of services and even pushing us into learning some new skills.

    Our first case study provides examples of some of the complete project services we can provide to ensure your project is complete without a worry, especially with public access in mind View Case Study

    provides a full site wide example of fire safety and engineering at one of London and Europes leading music venues View Case Study


Management Standards

  • Management Standards

    ISO Standards can improve business efficiency, increase revenue and boost customer satisfaction. We provide guidance with the attainment and annual completion of quality management standards; ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

    Our success is based on the idea that we don’t override existing systems and procedures, but that we adapt and nurture where necessary, concentrating on the areas where the biggest improvements can be achieved. We are proud to say that all of our past clients’ audits have been successful the first time around with not a single re-visit. Mother always said, “Do it once, do it right!”



  • Covid-19 Services

    The HSE are clear in their request for employers to protect their staff 'as far as is reasonably practicable' and for that reason it is important to recognise that additional measures need to be adopted to ensure your team and clients' safety.

    With government guidelines changing daily it can be overwhelming trying to get to grips with what you can and cannot do, but fear not our team is here to help guide and support you through the latest Government guidelines and to help get your business back up and running.

    We provide:

      Covid Secure risk assessment for:
    • · Office & Tenanted Spaces
    • · Film & Photo Shoot Locations
    • · Event Spaces

    • · Covid Secure policies
    • · Consultancy and planning
    • · Crisis management planning
    • · Covid compliance audits
    • · Covid coordinators (shifts and inspections)
    • · Health declaration QR code systems

  • Back To Work Assessments

    We utilise an effective questionnaire survey for the commencement of the COVID Secure risk assessment, we then share this with you for your own specific controls to be added and we rate the residual risk levels providing you with on-going recommendations to remain COVID Secure. We also provide staff return to work questionnaires, assist with workplace layout designs and provide on-going support.
    We provide:

      · Back to Work: Covid Secure risk assessments
    • · Office & Tenanted Spaces: Covid Secure risk assessments
    • · Bar & Restaurant: Covid Secure risk assessmentss
    • · Bar & Restaurant: Covid Secure risk assessments
    • · Event Space (Venue and pop up): Covid Secure risk assessments
    • · Covid Secure policies
    • · Consultancy

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