We deliver easy to digest, tailored training courses for venues, event production agencies, technical suppliers and other individuals in the Event sector.

We actually provide teaching rather than training; the difference is what results in genuine learning for our clients. Our course attendees won’t just be left cramming what feels like a bunch of gibberish in order to pass an exam. Rather they will gain a solid comprehension of health and safety practice and achieve not only their required qualification, but the ability to apply it with confidence in their work.

Our bespoke courses are designed for your place of work or chosen venue and adapted to suit your individual needs.

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  • Events Industry 1 Day

    This course has been designed to give employees and management a broad overview of health and safety legislation and the issues to be considered when either undertaking the work activity in your place of work or hosting live events.

    From hazard identification and risk assessment to basic safety management, the course also includes guidance on the selection and management of contractors to ensure safe working. After the completion of this course you should be able to identify hazards that might be encountered in your workplace and at live events.

  • Events Industry 2 Day

    The 2-day course provides attendees a deeper dive into Event Safety than the 1-day course and includes an exam to benchmark progress and levels of comprehension in health and safety.

    We have an excellent track record for delivering successful, genuinely educational courses which can all be tailored to address your staff’s individual goals.

  • Fire Marshall

    All business are required to have designated fire marshals with up to date knowledge and training. This course will help employers fulfil their fire safety legislation obligations under the RRO, making them aware of all key information regarding fire safety in the workplace.

    The course is relevant for fire marshals and any managers with fire safety management responsibilities or health & safety representatives. Our fire marshal training courses are certificated and comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO).

    IOSH Working Safely & IOSH Managing Safely
    For standardised training courses such as IOSH Working Safely or IOSH Managing Safely we can arrange this through the BSC on your behalf and provide course content training sessions and revision sessions in order to help your staff pass.


What Our Clients Say

“Firstly I wanted to thank you for a very successful couple of days training. My team have given me very positive feedback. It was very relevant and well delivered. Also agreat start to our working relationship.”

Steve B
Head of Production

“A very successful training course - many thanks for all your advice and sensible suggestions. It really was so valuable for us and we are determined to carry things forward. With many thanks again. It was so useful!”

Camilla G
Head of Museum Events
The Victoria and Albert Museum

“Thanks for training course sign off, the feedback has been all positive. The team think it is one of the most useful sessions we have had. It certainly flagged the responsibilities very clearly."

Adam W
Account Director

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