Fire Safety Professional Services



Fire Safety Professional Services

Our experienced and skilled personnel provide tailored fire safety engineering solutions, bespoke fire strategies, detailed complex level fire risk assessments and a range of fire safety consultation services.

We are an affiliate organisation and members of The Institution of Fire Engineers.

Our network includes access to some of the most experienced fire professionals in construction management and building regulations consultation.

Our clients include developers, architects, construction companies, theater and film studio constructors and occupiers of temporary use premises.

Our dedicated and detailed approach provides the opportunity for businesses to benefit from holistic fire safety solutions, which establishes a positive fire safety culture and one we always aim to enhance.

We have a proven track record for navigating complex projects and resolving issues using engineered solutions directly with building control authorities. From early identification of potential fire issues, to the development of detailed fire safety strategies, HornerSalus provide a range of consulting services involving design specification and engineering support throughout.


Fire Safety Professional Services

  • Fire Safety Professional Services

    • We provide:

    • · Consultation on fire safety design

    • · Fire risk assessments (commercial & residential)

    • · Initial fire assessment
      - RIBA stages 0-1; strategic definition to preparation
      - High level fire safety requirements to demonstrate how they will affect project risks and budgets

    • · D12 planning fire statement
      - RIBA stages 2-3; concept design to spatial coordination
      - Identify and address the various fire safety measures of the project to include means of warning and escape, external fire spread and access and facilities for the fire service
      - Provision of a Building Regulations review regarding Part B

    • · Fire Strategy
      - RIBA stages 4 & 7; technical design and use
      - Technical design fire safety features
      - Highlight any deviations from the Building Regulations and provide mitigation using alternative fire engineering methods
      - Finalise the fire safety design and issue the fire strategy to provide the background to the fire risk assessment

    • · Fire safety plans

    • · Calculation of maximum safe capacity


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