The Project

A totally unique public design project installed against the powerful backdrop of one of the city’s best-loved landmarks - Tate Modern.

Given the overall scale of this playful yet technically ambitious work, our fourth year partnering with this exciting festival entered into the rigorous realms of CDM. HornerSalus helped manage the complex project every step of the way. We jumped through all of the construction hoops and negated the various issues faced when building on such a busy tourist site. Being a complete one-off, the actual build of the staircase was only done for the first time on site. Despite this unknown and a run of poor weather, everyone involved stepped up to the challenge to provide the public with the unique experience of this extraordinary design piece and its gorgeous views over to St Pauls.


The Result

Well worth the climb. A bespoke project of this scale was delivered on time and surpassed all expectations.