The Project

New Commercial Property Use For Live Events

The site comprised over 10,000m2 of former industrial spaces which were to be converted for event use. Becoming familiar with the entire site, much of it in disrepair at the time, was a formidable challenge and we were present for several weeks whilst undertaking this work.


Fire Safety Services

Provided Site Wide:

  • • Fire safety management plan

  • • Fire emergency evacuation plan

  • • Site wide fire exit planning and design

  • • Crisis management planning

  • • Fire exit plan drawings

  • • Fire Register and flame proofing of materials - collection of certification and advice on treatment

  • • Detailed per area and site wide capacity reports and strategy work

  • • Personal emergency evacuation planning

  • • Fire risk assessment

  • • Fire Strategy

  • • Feasibility reports for all areas

  • This was a true test of skill to coordinate all findings in to coherent reports in order to seek approval for various recommendations to be approved to ensure this site would be deemed safe by the Local Authority for its intended use.