The Project

A supercar is unveiled in high-octane style at London’s historic Somerset House.

This extraordinary event centered around a cat walk not of models but of supercars: some of the world’s most luxurious vehicles, flanked by dancers, elegantly maneuvering through beguiled guests (as meanwhile we surreptitiously filtered out the exhaust emissions and pretended everything was normal)! One of the most important demands of this project (aside from keeping the cars in one piece), was keeping the project under wraps; so, NDAs were signed, bespoke ramps were built over bollards in the dead of night, and it was brum’s the word! Working closely with one of our wonderful client-venue event teams, we guided our Italy-based client from a far through the unique beast that is UK H&S law. We took care of all safety specific plans and paperwork before shifting gear to manage the round the clock 3 day install – a highly conspicuous yet somehow completely clandestine affair.


The Result

Steering this exhilarating project to success began by setting the planning wheels in motion as early as possible, which combined with some creative problem solving, congenial collaboration and discretion levels worthy of MI5, led to the smooth delivery of a truly memorable event. .